drowsiness / Naoki Kasai 

drowsiness is a guitarist and composer formed in Japan in 2011. Three albums have been released to date. Using the 80-year effector and guitar create unique sound to demonstrate a rhythmical and stereoscopic worldview. drowsiness actively provide live performances at exhibition, art festival, gallery and museum, and also collaborate in music with domestic and overseas company.


2014 Graduated Sustainable project, Department of DesignTokyo Zokei University, 
(Bachelor of Design)


2019 Akio Suzuki no kanade/SPACE ODE, Kyoto(with Akinori Yamasaki)
2018 WOW BRAVO & FUNKY RAP, Shin Chien University/Taiwan (with Akiko Nakayama)
2015 Hoshiko Yamanea.k.a Tangerine DreamJapan tour/Gallary Conseal,Tokyo
 (with Akiko Nakayama)
2014 EclecticxBias/Digital Art Center,Taiwan (with Akiko Nakayama)
         Ikue Mori Japan Tour/BULLET'S, Tokyo (with Akiko Nakayama)
         Eclectic in Tokyo/DOMMUNE
2013 Akinori Yamasakiumi no etuderelease event/Space eauuu,Kobe
         Taipei Artist VillageWOW BRAVO FUNKY RAP/Taiwan(with Akiko Nakayama)
         Indifference release event/SuperDeluxe, Tokyo(with Akiko Nakayama)
         Synesthesia Experimental Theater/Tokyo Art University Museum, Tokyo

2021 Spindrift(AD Feat. Four Pens)
2018 Liberation 
2013 Indifference 
2011 drowsiness


2021 AvantGardist 「Welcome to Avant Gardist(Sound direction, Narration)
2018 acca 2019 SPRING SUMMER EXHIBITION(Web Video)


2019 Lucas Werenkraut 「Crepúsculo Palpitante」

drowsiness/葛西 直樹

2014 東京造形大学造形学部デザイン学科サステナブルプロジェクト専攻領域 卒業



2019 鈴木昭男のかなで/SPACE ODE,京都(with 山崎昭典)

2018 WOW BRAVO & FUNKY RAP, Shin Chien University/台湾(with 中山晃子)

2015 山根星子(a.k.a Tangerine Dream)Japan tour/Gallary Conseal,東京

 (with 中山晃子)

2014 EclecticxBias/Digital Art Center,台湾 (with 中山晃子)

         イクエモリ Japan Tour/BULLET'S, 東京(with 中山晃子)

         Eclectic in Tokyo/DOMMUNE

2013 山崎昭典「海のエチュード」リリースパーティー/Space eauuu,神戸

         Taipei Artist Village、WOW BRAVO FUNKY RAP/台湾(with 中山晃子)

         Indifference リリースイベント/SuperDeluxe, 東京(with 中山晃子)

         共感覚実験劇場/東京芸術大学美術館, 東京

ディスコグラフィー 2021 潮隙 Spindrift (AD feat. 四枝筆 Four Pens)

2018 Liberation 

2013 Indifference 

2011 drowsiness

サウンドディレクション / クライアントワーク 2021 AvantGardist 「Welcome to Avant Gardist(サウンドディレクション,ナレーション) 

2019 ミズタユウジ solo exhibition "I have an incurable compulsion to"(サウンドディレクション) 

   香港ファッションウィーク 2019 AW Opening show (サウンドディレクション)

2018 acca 2019 SPRING SUMMER EXHIBITION(Web Video)


2019 Lucas Werenkraut 「時めき黄昏て」